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March 27, 2011

What I wrote – Month of March

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This is the beginning! And I’m very proud that I managed quite a few posts. It has been a month of great activity in terms of learning all about blogging. Money made : zero. Knowledge gained – You will come to know in my next posts.

Here’s the grand list –

  • My Personal Posts –
    • Was I too Busy to Care?
      This is what started everything. I joined BlogAdda on a whim. I saw this contest page which actually related to a life experience. So I wrote this and posted on the contest replies. It started a steady traffic flow of at least 2-3 hits per day.
    • A meme! I got this idea from another blog and carried it through to mine
    • What writing means to me – This was mostly a self probing post . I wanted to be sure I’m doing what I like. I think this post justifies perfectly what I’m doing.
  • Book Reviews – I decided to guest blog at this brilliant book reviews blog – Bond With Books
    I managed to publish two of my reviews. And I wrote another extra one which was already published . So i posted it on my blog.
    Here they are – 

  • I got two of my posts published on Triond sites CinemaRoll and WritingHood. I agree they are not great. But they are publications for me and a point for me.
  • I wrote a post for Facebook Flow – This is yet to be published. So looking forward to it!
  • I also decided I would start writing and proof reading for wikiHow! I’m expecting this to be a valuable experience.
  • Also I started this blog too! 🙂

How I started blogging and writing for the Internet.

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As a first time blogger , I basically started to write blogs thinking – Who would be interested to read my blog? Let me just keep this as an outlet when I feel like writing.

But then the innate need to be read and appreciated was always in me. I had my select group of friends and buddies who would read my blog and generically tell me that my post was “awesome” and so on. This worked for sometime too.

Then one day I tried to contribute a guest post to somebody else’s blog and got rejected. This was an eye-opener for me. I considered myself to be an expressive and good writer but here was proof. Somebody else did not think the same. It was a shameful moment. I have seen so much of bad writing floating around the internet and had the satisfaction that I write better than hordes of other people. If I ever contributed to any writing space then they would gladly welcome me and I would cause nothing but profit for them.

Once I realised I was not so honed for the internet , I started browsing around trying to find out what ticks bloggers all over the world. I found out that good writing was just a honing of my skills in the right direction and there were plenty of successful part-time bloggers. I have had no serious hobbies until now. This could be mine. My interest would justify all the hard work that I will have to do to establish myself in this domain. And a serious hobbyist always works very hard to become the best and renowned. And a little money on the side( if I managed it) would not hurt anybody.

So cheers to what I hope will be a fruitful journey.

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