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March 27, 2011

What I wrote – Month of March

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This is the beginning! And I’m very proud that I managed quite a few posts. It has been a month of great activity in terms of learning all about blogging. Money made : zero. Knowledge gained – You will come to know in my next posts.

Here’s the grand list –

  • My Personal Posts –
    • Was I too Busy to Care?
      This is what started everything. I joined BlogAdda on a whim. I saw this contest page which actually related to a life experience. So I wrote this and posted on the contest replies. It started a steady traffic flow of at least 2-3 hits per day.
    • A meme! I got this idea from another blog and carried it through to mine
    • What writing means to me – This was mostly a self probing post . I wanted to be sure I’m doing what I like. I think this post justifies perfectly what I’m doing.
  • Book Reviews – I decided to guest blog at this brilliant book reviews blog – Bond With Books
    I managed to publish two of my reviews. And I wrote another extra one which was already published . So i posted it on my blog.
    Here they are – 

  • I got two of my posts published on Triond sites CinemaRoll and WritingHood. I agree they are not great. But they are publications for me and a point for me.
  • I wrote a post for Facebook Flow – This is yet to be published. So looking forward to it!
  • I also decided I would start writing and proof reading for wikiHow! I’m expecting this to be a valuable experience.
  • Also I started this blog too! 🙂

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